GPT not performing Calibration

this is the error i am getting when i run the gpt from the linux command line via bash shell script here is the .xml grph and script tscript (571 Bytes)
tgraph_modi.xml (3.0 KB)

In the graph sile you should replace
infilefullp by ${infilefullp}
outfilefullp by ${outfilefullp}

As you use both variables as parameter you need to change your gpt call to:

gpt $graphfilepath -Pinfilefullp=$infilefullp -Poutfilefullp=$outfilefullp

this is what i am getting after making the above mentioned changes @marpet

Maybe it is not the correct gpt which is invoked. There is another tool available on unix which is also called gpt.
Use the full path to gpt in your script.