GPT Processing; Error in TOPSAR Split


I am trying to pre-process interferogram using the GPT in command-line. It almost works but still receive this error and I dont really know what I can do about it. It has something (i think) to do with the TOPSAR Split.

This is my XML: Interferogram_Batch1.xml (4.0 KB)

and my inputline: GPT -e -c 4G -x -q 30 C:\Bash\Interferogram_Batch1.xml C:\Bash\input\ C:\Bash\input\ -t C:\Bash\output\Test1_Interferogram.dim
Hopefully you can help me?

Cheers Dirk

Not really an expert but I guess that you use the source product refid from something pass by variable, and this should be used for defined operators inside the graph, so you should use it differently something more alike to:

< source product>${source product}</source product>

Other possible solution is to use the Read Operator, for which later in the TOPSAR-Split could be used as you wanted :
< source product refid=“Read”/>

Other option is to create the graph using Graph Builder inside SNAP and use it later using GPT.

I hope this helps.

could be that it is related to the .1 in <source product>

This occurred in my case when I created the XML in SNAP and then re-opened it at a later time.

Thanks guys,

I made it working by adjusting the previous input in the XML to:

  <sourceProduct refid="${source1}"/>

together with -Ssource1=blablabla in the commandline at the CMD.

Finally, error free :slight_smile: !

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