GPT processing method


I’d just like to check something about the way the GPT tool does its processing. I have a S1 pipeline that takes quite a long time, in the end generating a ~1.3Gb geotiff. If I watch the output directory while it runs I see the file created slowly increase in size. How does SNAP handle the data? Does it work line by line or pixel by pixel? Does it process the entire image at the same time?

I have an xml chain of commands, and I am trying to figure out if it finishes one step of the chain completely before moving on to the next step, or if it finishes part of the image and then pipes it to the next step.

Thanks for your help!

It may be writing the GeoTiff either line by line or in tiles. The graph processing is processed in tiles pulled as needed from the writer to the reader.
Most processors don’t take a lot of time. Usually the writing can be a bottleneck especially to a slow disk rather than an SSD.

Is there any way of telling how the geotiff is being written? We are using SSDs and the write of the image is quite slow.