GPT Resample when Wrong?

When I use GPT to Resample the S2 zip file,why there is a false image read when I do with the image of 2022,but when i change the image of 2021,the shell went well ,and get the resample iamges succesfully.

when I check the file between 2021 and 2022, I just foud the image file of 2022 has been changed .


I think it is the suffix naming format of this file, the program cannot run.

WHY? how can I use GPT deal with the NEW 2022 Images !HELP!

Hi DerekLee,

There was a major upgrade concerning the S2 reader since december 2021.
Please, check if all SNAP modules are updated? ( snap-engine/snap-desktop 8.0.9 and s2tbx 8.0.7)

Best regards,

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where can I get the right version you said, I only can get the 8.0 form the web(…THX for your reply

You have to check for new plugins once SNAP is installed and open: Tools/Plugins