Gpt sourcefile problem

I’m trying to run a graph via gpt, and am running into issues. Though I specify the source file in my code (for use in the graph), it results in the following error:

Error: [NodeId: ThermalNoiseRemoval] Operator ‘Sentinel1RemoveThermalNoiseOp’: Mandatory source product (field ‘sourceProduct’) not set.

In the command line I type:
gpt path_to_graph.xml -Ssource=path_to_input.SAFE/ -t “output_file.dim”

I’ve tried any number of variations for the -Ssource input, including:

But I haven’t had any luck. Any ideas for me would be greatly appreciated. Attached is the xml I’m speaking of.

tnr.xml (385 Bytes)

Did you try -Psource=path_to_source. Works for me, but I pass in the zip file (not sure whether that should make a difference).