GPT subset not working

I’m trying to do a subset and a c2rcc in a set of OLCI images by GPT. I did a .bat, .xml and .properties files (attached) and I run in cmd. I can run the xml but it only gives me the c2rcc processed images (it is not cropped). For sure I’m doing something wrong but I can not find my error…
Could anyone help me?
Thanks in advance, (157 Bytes)
gpt_c2rcc_v4.xml (3.4 KB)
processDataset_c2rcc_v4.bat (1.8 KB)


Also, this is how I run:
C:\Users\aline\OneDrive\Aline\2021_CDOM_algorithm_paper\OLCI_images\Snap_Graph>processDataset_c2rcc_v4.bat gpt_c2rcc_v4.xml C:\Users\aline\OneDrive\Aline\2021_CDOM_algorithm_paper\OLCI_images\2016 C:\Users\aline\OneDrive\Aline\2021_CDOM_algorithm_paper\OLCI_images\2016\Subset\C2RCC3 c2rcc


The problem is that you use the source product for the C2RCC as input and not the result of the subset operation.

Change the c2rcc node to

  <node id="c2rcc">

Then it should work.

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Thanks @marpet, it is working now!

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