Gpt writes temporary data to installation directory


I am using gpt on a linux server (Ubuntu 14.04/64bit with SNAP 2.0 Beta 05). When running with a multi-step graph, gpt needs to write (intermediate?) target.dim and to the installation directory (/usr/local/snap in my case) which is normally read only for the user running gpt (I install as sudo).

I checked all configuration files on /usr/local/snap/config but none seem to allow me to change this behavior. For now, I have made /usr/local/snap writable.


PS. Since the server does not run a graphics environment, I have to add the following to /usr/local/snap/bin/gpt.vmoptions


otherwise, the JAI classes will not work (this is a very old JAI issue).

Hi Guido,

Could you please provide your graph XML file so we can figure out which of the nodes tries to write into the SNAP installation directory. The default location for target products is usually the current working directory.

Thanks for the gpt.vmoptions hint, I’ll immediately fix this!


It happens with the standard Radar graph Orthorectify.xml

I think it is the terrain correction step, as it writes a vector_data subdir under