Graph Builder Editor bad performance

Hi, I am using the Graph Builder on snap 4 on Mac OS X. When trying to build a graph, snap is very slow, even for moving a block around the graph. As a temporary solution, I am working directly with the xml file. It is very annoying though and I’d like to know if you have any idea on the cause of the problem.

I tried the Graph Builder both on Snap 2 and Snap 4, both have the same issue. Everything else, like loading the Sentinel-1 SLC files and running the graph work fine. I also compute the Snap Performance Configuration Optimisation, but that did not speed up the Graph Builder editing.

Do you have any suggestion?


Hi Valentina,

I just tried to replicate what you have reported and I can confirm this.
With every operator I add, the performance goes down significantly.

Which version are you using? I’ve tried it on 10.9.5.
Maybe this was introduced in one of the more recent Mac updates.

@lveci have you seen this before?

Hi marpet,

Thanks for you reply.

I am using version 10.11.6. Unlike your case though, the performance of the graph builder is very poor even when I add the first operator.



I am experiencing this issue with SNAP 6.0-PREVIEW 5 (both on Linux and Windows) even with very short graphs (Read > Resample > Reproject > Write). The delay is much worse (tens of seconds) when using S3 files as graph input than when working with S2 files (2-3 seconds). With a longer graph and S3 input I have to wait minutes while switching between operator tabs or moving the operators on the graph.

@mfitrzyk @cwong do you see this too?

I don’t see anything strange but I work with S1.
Maybe @Fabrizio_Ramoino or @marpet could comment? They work with S2 and S3

The problem is twofold here, or actually threefold.
First, the Graph Builder needs to validate the connection between the operators.
Second, during this validation, the Resampling is doing already some work. For this the geo-coding is necessary.
Third, because the geo-coding is used, it depends on which one is selected in the S3TBX options.

With tie-point geo-coding it takes ~10 seconds to switch between the tabs, with pixel based geo-coding it takes~33 seconds on my system.
It is an issue which exists in since the very beginning of the Graph Builder.

Thanks for the explanation and the tip marpet. Unfortunately, I was already using tie-point geo-coding but I can confirm that with pixel based geo-coding the problem is significantly worse (from around 1 minute to around 4 minutes per tab switch).