Graph builder for batch processing Sentinel2 L2A (cloud/cloud shadows masking and VIs calculation)

Dear community,

I’m currently working with Sentinel-2 surface L2A product. I have a time series of two year growing seasons, and I’m planning to compete the time series with this (2020) year too. Therefore I decided to build a graph builder (screenshot attached) to run in batch. A brief description of what the graph does:

  1. it reads the S2 LA2 image
  2. it resamples the image to both 10m and 20m
  3. it creates a subset to a specified AOI
  4. it applies both clouds and cloud shadows masks (removing them)
  5. it merges the new bands (i.e., stack)
  6. it writes out the outputs for both the 10m and 20m resampled images
  7. it calulates various vegetation indices (e.g., NDVI, EVI, etc.)
  8. it merges the new VIs bands (i.e., stack)
  9. it writes out the final outputs for both the 10m and 20m images

Now, the graph works perfectly! However, I’d like to know if I can improve it in some ways (maybe reducing the steps), or if you think I’m missing something.

Also I’d like to know if there is a way in SNAP to export some statistics (e.g., mean, standard dev.) of time series VIs applied to shapefiles. I tried to use the “Time Series” toolbox, but I didn’t figure out how to get the graph for the shapefile I imported.