Graph builder for R-2 InSAR

I just upgraded from SNAP 2.02 to 3.0 because you have corrected the error associated with Topo Phase Removal for R-2 (Thank You!!!)
I had a graph builder that worked fairly effectively for Radarsat-2 InSAR processing. It basically followed the flow outlined in one of your on-line tutorials (See figure below). I now see that Coursefine Coregistration has been eliminated and there are some significant differences between the tools on the toolbar and those available in Graph Builder.

My preference is to work with Graph Builder, but I have had no luck in recreating my previous success. By trial and error, I have tried connecting tools, but have not been able to make anything work. Can you offer guidance on a Graph Builder that will yield the outcome of the attached figure?
Thank you,

Don, open the graph builder, along the top there is the Graph menu.
This RS2 graph from the tutorial is in the InSAR sub-folder

You can also save graphs into these folders and they will show up in
this menu.


Wonderful! Never noticed that tab.