Graph builder generate virtual band with "Band Math" operator

Good afternoon,
I have a set of 3 algorithm to be applied to a batch of images. In ‘Band Math’ tool there is a great option to generate a virtual band for each algorithm save a lot of memory. I would like to generate these virtual band for all my images in a batch process. The problem is that in graph builder, adding the ‘Band Math’ operation there is no option to virtual band.
Will be there a way to to these, maybe through command line or changing meta data? My images are already pre-processed and saved as .dim.

Thank for any help.

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Indeed this option is missing in the Graph Builder and also on the command line (gpt). It is not straightforward to implement this idea, because Graph Builder and gpt work a bit different then the Band Maths tool.
I’ve put your request in our issue tracker. Actually I made two (SNAP-505, SNAP-506) of it.

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Ok. Thanks for the attention.
Keep doing a great job.!