Graph Builder/Mosaicing

Why I can’t call “mosaicing” operation in graph builder? if possible, then can I use it for batch processing too? I saw mosaicing operation is available in GPF document

My study area covers by 3 MOD09 tiles, and I want to make it mosaic and process 10years data set.


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waiting for a reply from someone. Thanks a lot!

I think the mosaic operation was available in a previous beta version. Maybe it was deactivated for some reason.
However you can write the graph file manually and use it for batch processing. You can also use the mosaic from Raster/Geometric Operation/ Mosaicing to define the parameters.

Please be patient. People may be away or busy working on other projects.

There are two mosaicking operators developed by two teams.
The Raster/Geometric Operation/Mosaicing currently does not have a UI compatible with the graph builder. As Marpet has said, you may still define your parameters in xml and use the command-line gpt.

The other mosaic oeprator is the Radar/Geometry/SAR-Mosaic which works similarly but has been developed to handle SAR bands and polarizations.

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Thanks lot for Marpet and Iveci. Highly appreciate you guys work and sorry if my 2nd post. I will give a try