Graph builder not connecting graph

I am trying to implement my first graph builder.
I got the warning

Graph is incomplete

When I try to connect the graph, the software is not responding any more and the graph windows is not responding to any input.
maybe is this connected to some error building the graph?

Many thanks for help!

The graph builder is slow sometimes. Did you try hovering over the item and waiting to see if it will respond? Sometimes I had to wait 5 seconds until the graph builder could detect my mouse. After that, i can connect the graph items.

In my experience, the graph builder is slow on Mac but fast on Windows. I’m not sure about Linux.

Yes the hovering over responds quite fast.

Is maybe the issue related with no band selection on on the the step , like the one I reported here on the screenshoot?

In this case I cannot fill the source bands section.

What happens if you leave out the orbit file module?
It was reported to make SNAP slow when it tries to connect to the online resources.
But I thought this was fixed in the meantime. Are all updates installed?

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I had some issue downloading updates indeed (proxy probs).
I changed from Ubuntu to Windows and everything worked well after this.
So the issue was updates not installed and orbit file missing.
Snap on Windows seems to be faster than Linux…

come cross the same problem,and when I leave out the “Apply-Orbit-File” module, everything goes well, this method works!