Graph Creation of RGB Image?

I want to batch process a large number of S2 products. I want to open, form an RGB Image, geo-register, and write out as GEOTIFF.

I know how to do all of these steps in a graph except for the creation of the RGB image. In SNAP I can right click on an open file and do it, but I cannot find a way to do it in a graph so I can automate it.

Any tips appreciated!

Hi @Cyga74,

I don’t think there is a dedicated operator to form an RGB composition in the graph builder / batch processing although it would be very convenient for some applications (may be a good suggestion to improve SNAP in future versions). I could suggest you to:

  • include a subset (band subset) step on your methodology and select only band 2, 3 , 4. You can then export those bands as GeoTIFF and create your RGB composition automatically in another software

  • Manual creation would be the only option that I can think of to perform the step in SNAP. I’m sure you are not considering this option if you have a large dataset.


Python is good for batch processing. Does S2 to RGB PNG using snappy solve your problem?

Have you considered to move to Python and implement your processing chain via snappy module? that way could allow you to include the RGB image formation as an automatic step