Graphbuilder hanging

Hi! I am new to SNAP and satellite imaging. I’ve created a graph in graphbuilder. When I hit run on a sentinel-2 zip file, it simply hangs at 4% (about 20 min now). I’ve included a screenshot of the graph.

In terms of the graph - in the "read’, I am trying to only load a subset of the bands that I will later use, in the “band maths”, i am creating bands for ndvi, save, evi, fapar, lai, fcover, then merging, again subsetting and writing to file.

In terms of system, I am running on a Macbook Pro with Apple M1 Pro chip, 16g memory and 500g hard disk space.

Any assistance would be helpful - thank you!

Hello @anshu1213 ,

Can you also attach the XML file of the graph (File → Save Graph)