GRD Border Noise Removal

Dear all,
I am having some issues processing some GRD images applying the BNR step.
I’m processing this image
and the steps so far used are:

  1. subset [using as AOI POLYGON((-6.1851371215820405 53.391095819496975,-6.095529882812509 53.391095819496975,-6.095529882812509 53.34356953973678,-6.1851371215820405 53.34356953973678,-6.1851371215820405 53.391095819496975)) ]
  2. apply the orbit file
  3. BNR

Well, after the BNR most of the pixels on the water are replaced with a NaN value like in this figure

On the opposite, if I don’t apply any subsetting no NaN values are in the image after the BNR

Do you know why this difference? Is necessary always apply the BNR to the whole image without any subsetting? My idea was to reduce the size of the image just around my AOI to speed up the processing.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

S Savastano

Hi all,
any suggestions/tips/guidance for this issue? (@ABraun @mengdahl @marpet @oana_hogoiu).
Thanks always for any help on this matter

S Savastano

Do we have a “recommended graph” for GRD-processing including border noise removal? @jun_lu @mfitrzyk

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