H/alpha dual-pol decomposition from RADARSAT-2

When I wanted to perform H/alpha dual-pol decomposition from filtered C2 matrix I got the following error:

The error refers to Sentinel 1 Deburst Product but I use RADARSAT-2 data not Sentinel-1.

The same problem appears with H/aplha decomposition for quad-pol RADARSAT-2 data.

With an old version of S1 toolbox (version 1.1.1) H/alpha decomposition can be applied for dual-pol [C2] and quad-pol [C3] RADARSAT-2 data. However, an issue occures while the input data (quad-pol RADARSAT-2) are in C4 or T4 matrix. Then product is generated with empy entropy, anisotropy and alpha bands.

The initial problem with the checkIfSentienl1 should be already be working in the current snap beta 8.
We’ll look into the issue of the decomposition from C4/T4.