H_alpha occurence and segmentation planes

Hi there,

I am using Polsarpro 6.0. After completing an H / A / Alpha Classification, I am lacking all _occurence.bmp and _segmented.bmp files that I see generated elsewhere. All the other expected .bmp/.bin files seem to be present.

I have looked over all other threads I can find on the issue and none address this.

During the Classification processing, I see a blank gnuplot window open and close rapidly a few times. I wonder if this could be related? GIMP and all other linked packages seem to be working correctly.

I can generate an occurrence plane with the scatterplot tool, however it does not have the classification regions. Is there I can I can generate a similar plot for the segmentation and apply the dividing lines?

Thank you!

Edit: I think some of the files are not making it from the AppData/Local/Temp for Polsarpro to the directory. It might be a problem with GIMP trying to process the gnuplot .gif files? At the end of the calculation I can see some of the most scatter plot files that look similar to what I want.

None of the files are saved however so this doesn’t fully solve the problem