Having issues subsetting interferograms in SNAP 10 with graphs

Hello, since downloading SNAP 10 I have been having issues subsetting Sentinel-1 interferograms (before Terrain Correction).

In my work I often use short graphs which reads files (interferograms in radar geometry), subsets an area of interest using WKT coordinates, and writes them into new files.

It worked fine until I installed SNAP 10. For some reason now the process returns the following the error:

raf == null!

Anybody knows what the problem might be?

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I’m having the same problem! Happens when I GPF subset Radar as well as for S2 and ASTER Imagery

I found a way to solve to it.

In the “Read” step of the graph, change Data Format from “Any format” to “BEAM-DIMAP” (in my case), which was the file type used by my interferograms.

Maybe specifying the file input format in your case may also work?

Nonetheless, developers may need to look into this.

@djagula can you have a look at this? Thank you

A JIRA ticket ([SNAP-3698] - JIRA) has been created to track the issue. We will look into it and thank you!

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