Hdf export the tie points instead of the band

Hi all,

I am using the Snap software to process my sentinel 1 images but after exporting the images with hdf5 it just export the tie points files and not the main band that I want.
How could I solve this issue?

Many thanks

Some questions to narrow it down:

  1. What is the last step you performed on the data?
  2. Did the product look alright afterwards?
  3. Was the export to HDF5 a separate step or did you select it as output format of the last processing step?

Was the band you want a “virtual band” defined by band maths?

no , I converted the band.

  1. the last step is speckle filtering.
  2. Yes all is fine with the product but you can see in the figure that the main band is disappeared and just the Tie_point is exported.
    3.I have used the two methods.
    File > Export > HDF5
    in Graphbilder, I set the format in write

please check if it is also physically stored (should be in the .data folder of the BEAM DIMAP format).
After conversion of virtual bands it is important to explicitly save the product again to start the writing of the converted band to your hard disk. I share the idea of @gnwiii that maybe the product was not completely saved before export to HDF5.

Edit: Are you entirely processing this with a graph? Could make a difference then.

I have over 300 SAR images, after half processing here I need to export them with a format to do other processing in MATLB.
Unfortunately, It is too late for me to start analysing my images from the beginning in Matlab and I did not use python which should be a replacement for both of the software that I am using.
Just now My laptop burnt in middle of exporting my images with .nc format.
Yes, I am saving them. I have used various export methods. Big geotif was my first option which cause a lot of problems by itself. Then I moved to hdf5 and the last option was .nc format. I think SNAP software still needs a lot of improvement to be able to perform for a large set of images .

If we imagine that was a virtual band(which was not), still I have my main band there (sigma0_HH). During the export, it should just consider my main band at least as output in the band group and keep the Tie -point layers under their sections. But this behavior is completely strange.
I actually was looking for a method to convert tie-point to bands applying Graphbuilder. But this result is not helping me in any case.