HDF to Geotiff

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I Am getting difficulty while try converting the hdf file to Geo-tiff format. So, please suggest me any conversion tool.

Thank you very much

can you please describe what HDF file you are using and what is the issue in your case?

Hello Sir, thank very much for your reply.

I was downloaded a HDF file from MODIS vegetation at 250m, I am planning to clip the file into my area of interest. but unable to get the clip due to the HDF format. Is there any converter is available in snap for HDF to Geo-tiff format conversion.

QGIS can read MODIS HDF data. I downloaded a 16-day NDVI product at 250m from the USGS Earth Explorer and it seems to work:

SNAP only supports some MODIS products, so QGIS might be the better choice here.

Dear Sir,

I tried in Qgis also, it is showing like invalid raster as in screenshot. is there any specific, please help me

thank you.

open it via the Data Source Manager to ensure the correct reader.


Yes Sir…I tried same steps as you mentioned above, but the same error is coming.

do we use different products?
I downloaded this one from the Earth Explorer - it has around 250 MB. I noticed that yours has only 5 MB


I had downloaded data from Data pool from Modis Data access website as below.

I haven’t used these ones so far, sorry.
You might want to try the ones from USGS: https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/ these worked for me.

Dear Sir,

I had done with help of ArcMap… Thank you very for your kind support.

very good.

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Hey Venkat,

How did you do the conversion using arcmap? Please help

to get help for ArcMap you should ask in an ArcMap forum. This one is related to SNAP and is not meant to be a generic EO forum.
That ABraun helped with QGIS was an exception.