HDF5 writing very slow

Hi there,
I have installed the latest version of SNAP (8.0) with the latest version of the S1TBX (8.0.3). The PC I’m using has Windows 10 installed, 100GB of RAM and a 6 Core Xeon CPU.

I need to do a full frame interferogram (3 swaths in IW mode). First of all I apply orbit files, split IW1, coregister, deburst and then I repeat the same for IW2 and IW3. After that I merge the three swaths and export the full frame images in .dim format. Now I load the big image in SNAP and compute the interferogram with topography removed providing as output also the DEM and lat/lon. I need the output to be in HDF5 and it is taking forever to export it in this kind of format.
I tried also exporting in .dim, and in that case it is very fast, so I don’t think it is a problem of computing the interferogram, but of saving the output of the processing. The same can be said if I use GPT instead of the GUI.
For comparison it takes 7 hours for a HDF5 and just few minutes for a .dim.

Under Linux this problem is not present.
Do you have any clue on what it could be?

NetCDF4 is “HDF5-light” and can be read with HDF5 software that doesn’t gratuitously exclude .nc files. It would be interesting to know if NetCDF4 writes are also slow (HDF5 exposes more parameters that affect how data are stored, so could be doing something inappropriate on Windows).