Heap space error when applying range shift


I always get a heap space error while processing sentinel1 data.
I would like to derive an interferogramm.

I tried a couple of settings in snap.properties to change tile and cache size
I wanted to due a range shift using 256 as regisration window size and 8 as interpolation factor.

Could you please explain how tile size, cache size registration window size is connected
The intersting thing is that I could run two subswaths after top split with my settings but the third failed with the following error message.

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Dumping heap to /Volumes/data1/snap_cache/var/log/heapdump.hprof …
estimateOffset: Cannot construct DataBuffer.
Heap dump file created [13400986955 bytes in 56.732 secs]
estimateOffset: Java heap space
estimateOffset: Java heap space
My setting where:
cache size 4096
tile size 2048

At them moment it seems to work with
cache size 4096, tile size 512, registration window 256 and interpolator 4 but not 8.


I cannot answer your question but in general the default tile-size works well. So far I have not seen anyone reporting that changing it produces a large increase in performance (this may happen in the future of course).