HELP: Difficulty importing shapefile/ KMZ/ GeoJSON/ WKT formats into SNAP 7.0

I got a Worldview 2 satellite imagery of my area of interest from this site here ( The download is only available in either of these formats here (shapefile/ KMZ/ GeoJSON/ WKT). I tried to import the WV02 imagery into SNAP 7.0 in all of these formats, but I keep on getting ‘No appropriate reader found.’ error. Can you please tell me if there is a way to import my WV02 imagery as one of these formats into SNAP or if I have to convert it into a different file format? I have also seen a SNAP tutorial video where a BEAM-DIMAP (.dim) format WV02 imagery being successfully imported into the SNAP environment. Thank you!

none of these formats is a valid raster which potentially contains raster imagery. As WorldView2 is a commercial satellite, the offered downloads are probably just the extents of the image. To download the actual image, you have to order (and pay) it.

As you see in the screenshot, you can only download the “area of interest”, which is the polygon you digitized, not the image itself.