Help in Chlorophyll concentration

Where can i get a manual about concentration chlorophyll mapping?

Are you interested in lake, coastal waters, or open ocean? The IOCCG site is a good place to start if you are interested in optical remote sensing for the oceans.

If you want to start looking at the data, there are tutorials for the ESA SNAP software. NASA has a series of videos for SeaDAS 7, which is based on ESA BEAM, one of SNAP’s “parents”, so you can duplicate most of the NASA tutorials using the current ESA SNAP.

in addition to @gnwiii’s resources, I can recommend this one: RUS webinar: Freshwater Quality Monitoring with Sentinel-2 - HYDR02

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I am interested in coastal water!

Start with IOCCG Report 3 if you need an introduction to the complexities of coastal ocean colour remote sensing. These complexities mean that the best alogorithms are generally tuned to a specific time and place. There are many applications for chlorophyll concentration in coastal areas, each with differing requirements for coverage in time and space, scales of observations, etc. It is always helpul if you have in situ data for your area to compare with remote sensing results. There is potential to use airborne sensors with drones to obtain high spatial resolution while avoiding the difficulties of atmospheric correction for sensors in space.

The next thing to read is probably Shallow Water Remote Sensing John Hedley, IOCCG Summer Class 2018