Help in estimating daily evapotranspiration

Can you please help me how to get the ET? I already downloaded my sentinel 2 image and noticed the ET map needs the instantaneous energy flux products and an ERA5 reanalysis data and I am not knowing how to get them.
Please help

How to download ERA5 reanalysis data is described on page 38 of the reviewed version of the User Manual.

thanks and how do i estimate the land surface energy fluxes?

Please have a look at the documentation first.
You find the information on page 48 of the same document.

ok thanks, but im having problems in downloading the ERA5 data. There are many steps to start with before. Please check pics below.

In step three it says i should type:
set PATH=C:\Program Files\Python 3.9;PATH C:>set PYTHONPATH=PYTHONPATH;C:\My_python_lib C:>python

i did that on my command prompt but received:“‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.”

I cannot do anything or continue unless this is solved since it is a prerequisite.
Appreciate your help please.

Have you installed Python? You have to write your Python path, where your Python is installed.

Hello Ana
Thank you for your reply
I installed it here
C:\Users\ad116\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Python 3.10
how would the code change as I am not familiar with them.
Appreciate your help

Hi @abeddoughan I have downaloaded the SNAP v9 and I have cofigured Python 3.6 directly from installation process. It works for me.
I hope it help you.

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how did you configure Python? Or what did you do/press?
Also, I have python 3.10 not sure if its a problem (I do have SNAP 9).

According to manual user you need Python 3.6:

Here you can see how to configure Python in the instalation process:

And finally you can check it on your system variables: