Help! Sen2coral module

Could you help me calculating bathymetry from sentinel 2 L1C image by sen2coral module? Sorry for my bad English

sen2coral has not yet been released. If you want to use it, you can do it but you have to build it from the sources and install it in SNAP. You can find it here:

For calculating bathymetry there are two different operators (both require as input an atmospheric corrected image, for example a sentinel 2 L2A product):

  • Empirical bathymetry: Estimation of bathymetry by empirical regression method, you need some in-situ bathymetric data.
  • Model inversion - SWAM: it computes the mapping habitats and depth by inversion of bio-optical models. It is based on a modified version of SAMBUCA (Semi-Analytical Model for Bathymetry, Un-mixing and Concentration Assessment, M.Wettle & V. Brando, CSIRO Land and Water, 2006 - )

You can find more info about them in the help pages when you install the plugin in SNAP.

Thanks for helping!
I installed Sen2coral and read information in the help page. I don’t know how to finding parameter for Model inversion - SWAM. So I can’t try it. I don’t know Empirical bathymetry or Model inversion - SWAM is better. Could you help me!

They are different approaches, depending on the data you have and the quality of the input images the results could be better with the empirical or with the inversion model.

On the other hand, there are some examples of xml parameter files for SWAM in your .snap folder in:


and you can find information about their format in the help pages in SNAP.

Thank you very much!

@ cookie,

Could you please advise on how to use (call) Sen2coral. I’ve managed to install it following:


but not sure how to proceed to apply it on an image. I’m interested in testing it for deriving benthic maps (corals, algae, sand, …).

I will appreciate your response!

Hi @chrisi,

have you looked at SNAP help? Help-> Help contents -> Optical -> Thematic Water Processing-> Sen2Coral?
There you will find the description of the sen2coral operators and how to use them.

Hi @chrisi,
You interested in testing it for deriving benthic maps so you had to install SWAM. If you installed Sen2coral, you have to do some step to install SWAM. I don’t have basic knowledge about Anacoda, Python,… So I can’t install SWAM of Sen2coral and I can’t use it. Sorry for not helping!


Is any manual on how to prepare our xml files for the area of interest we work?
And, where in the hell are the default one available?
I have RUS machine as in windows the SWAMP does not work.



you can find some information about the structure of the xml files in the SNAP help:

The default xml files are in [yourUserFolder]/.snap/auxdata/sen2coral/xmlFiles . If you are using a RUS VM, then the path is /home/rus/.snap6/auxdata/sen2coral/xmlFiles.

There is no /.snap6 in the path /home/rus
Am not familiar with Linux :slight_smile:

Also, which Linux version should i use for desktop installation of Sen2Coral?

It is a hidden folder, so you have to write “.snap6” in the “File Name” and press Enter.

I have not tested a lot, but it should work in most of them. And also, it should work properly on Windows.

Dear obarrilero,
I opened the /home/rus/.snap6/auxdata/sen2coral/xmlFiles/ fodler for the user.
Also, in the indident he opened, I mentionned that the Ctrl + H (shortcut for View > Show Hidden Files) can be used to show hidden files