High processor usage when idle in Windows 11


I have noticed that ESA SNAP 8 does not have a reasonable processor usage when it is in idle after loading a S1A_IW_SLC product and double-clicking in one of the bands to be displayed in the screen.

I would assume that once the image is displayed the snap executable should not take a significant processor time, however the processor usage stays about 20% in my Windows 11 installation.

However, if I do the same test in Linux, SNAP almost uses a negligible processor time after displaying the image.

Does anyone else have a similar behavior as in my Windows 11 installation? Does anyone have any suggestion on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I cannot reproduce this. Not on Windows 11 and not on Windows 10.
After the image is loaded the CPU usage goes down to <1%.
Only when I move the mouse the CPU load goes up again for a short time.
The load in this case depends on how much of the memory is already used. If you are close to the limit the CPU load goes higher. Because more memory management needs to be done.
But even then, the CPU load goes down again when not moving the mouse.

Thanks for the quick answer. Then, I guess that the problem is with my installation (although I cannot attribute the issue to the lack of RAM, since it has a lot of free RAM). Just in case, I leave here also the version of the S1TBX, 8.0.6.

I have just tried again in my computer, it is still about 12% of cpu several minutes after loading one of the bands of the product.