High resolution image(urgent)

How is possible to save a S2 image with a high resolution format?we need it for a very detailed printing.
thanks if someone could help me!!


I do not know whether I understand your question correctly. Are you trying to save SENTINEL-2 data just as an image file (without its metadata)? Is it going to be used only for visualization purposes?

If that’s the case, then you can do the following:

  • Export the SENTINEL-2 image into tiff format using SNAP.
  • Load the tiff image into QGIS
  • Project->New print composer
  • On the left panel, press add new map so you can load the image in the canvas
  • Composer->export as image. Choose tiff format and set the dpi 300 or even higher.
  • Save the image into your directory

The saved image will be of high quality. The higher the dpi the higher the quality of the image and the larger the file size.


Yes, my colleague asked me how to save in HR for visualization,so I think you really gave a smart hint!!really thanks!!

For printing, you need a vector graphics overlay for your image, as was done for GMT Tutorial (Examples 15–17). There are many third party programs that can do this, but not so many if you need coastlines and map projections. GMT5 is one I often use for publications. For a 1-off image it may be faster to fine-tune text annotations and simple vector art with a vector drawing program (Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape) than to get placement, line and font sizes, etc. right in a batch script.

Dear antonio19812,
If you need to export S2 image at full resolution (10m/pixel) you should visualize the RGB on your screen and set up the histogram as you wish, once opened you should right click on the window and select ‘Export View As Image’

In the export pop-up window you can select:

For TIFF format, by definition, please be informed that the maximum size is about 20000 x 20000 px.

Hi, i have tried this way personally and it seems to work, but when loading the tiff image into QGIS , it is included in a white background that also reman in the print composer and I can not get rid of it,how can I solve this?

you can define transparent values in QGIS in the layer properties.

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