Highlighting the new band name does not highlight the corresponding file it belongs to


Several files were opened and a new band was created for each file using the Band Math functionality. When I select (highlight) a particular image created from the band math functionality, I would expect the file it belongs to be highlighted in the Product Explorer, However, this does not happen. So I end up searching the bands of each file in order to identify its band that I have selected and seeing.,which is troublesome if I’ve opened 5 to 6 files simultaneously.

whenever you select a band you see the product name at the top of the SNAP window

That’s true but not efficient, becuae it means I still have to go through the files in the product explorer to match it with the product name appearing at the top. However, my suggestion is less effort and was also implemented in the Visat beam software before.

Thanks @fahadalawadi
It is noted in issue: [SNAP-1422] Focus in Product Explorer should update according to selected view - JIRA (atlassian.net)