Histogram doesn't refresh when a new geometry is drawn

I saw that there have been some problems with the histogram (Analysis → Histogram). When I add a second geometry to an image and I open the Histogram window, the ‘Refresh View’ button isn’t activated and I see the same histogram as before, when there was only one geometry drawn on the image. However when I use the Statistics window (Analysis → Statistics) after I have added the geometry, the ‘Refresh View’ button is activated and when I click on it the statistics looks different, according to the pixel values inside the new geometry. Obviously in both cases the checkbox ‘Use ROI mask’ is selected.
The exact steps are:

  1. I create a new Vector Data Container (e.g. flooded_areas_vector)
  2. I open a band Sigma0_VV_dB
  3. I draw a rectangle over an area with dark spots and a mask is created, linked to the flooded_areas_vector
  4. I select Analysis → Histogram
  5. I select ‘Use ROI mask’ and flooded_areas_vector to see the histogram of the pixel in the ROI
  6. I click on the ‘Refresh View’ button and I can see the histogram
  7. I draw another geometry in a different area with gray pixels (number 2, a rectangle)
  8. I select again Analysis → Histogram to see the change in the histogram but it is exactly the same
  9. I select Analysis → Statistics
  10. I can see the histogram shown is still the same but the button ‘Refresh View’ is activated
  11. I click on the button ‘Refresh View’
  12. The histogram in the Statistics window is updated correctly since I have added many “gray” pixels
    That’s all. For the time being I will use the Statistics tool.