How can I convert PauliRGB.bmp to Geotif

I was able to generate a PauliRGB.kml from PauliRGB.bmp but how do I generate a geotif image from PauliRGB.bmp?

I believe after applying geocode [C2] matrix in PolSARpro the image is already geocoded but the final output only have the .bmp option.

Did you try up, File Export to Geotiff, this is in SNAP, check up please if the same option in polSARpro

yes, this is the correct tool. Actually, the output is also PolSARpro filetype (*.bin)

You can then convert it to TIFF afterwards under Display > Convert BMP File


Hi all,

Using the “Convert BMP file” to convert a “.bmp” file to “.tiff” will do the conversion but will not save the coordinate system.

I found a way to get this to work by extracting the coordinate system from the “.kml” file.