How can I do NDVI mask on coherence map

Dear friends,
I want to do NDVI mask on my Sentinel 1 coherence map since vegetation cause decorrelation.
I could define a NDVI mask (defining a threshold for NDVI) using “CREAT A NEW MASK BASED ON A VALUE RANGE”.
As I am new in Snap, I have no idea how can I set this mask on my coherence map?

Have you see the Mask Manager tutorial?

The NDVI has to be inside the Sentinel-1 product, then you can define in the band properties under valid pixel expression of the raster you want to mask “NDVI > 0.3”, for example.

Thank you for your reply :pray:. I try to use the tutorial to find a solution.

Thank you for your reply :pray:. I would test it on my data.