How can I get a shape file of the boundaries of a S1 image

I use GIS for post S1 analysis and need the boundaries of the S1 imagery as a shape file. I am struggling to do this simple task. Any suggestions?


There are two way you can derive the boundareis of your scene.

  • Manually. This requires you to create a shapefile in QGIS and digitize around the boundaries of your scene.

  • Programmatically by deriving the bounds of your scene and then create a shapefile based on the bounds

I am not whether this is what you are looking for

there is also a kml file (map-overlay.kml) inside the preview folder of each Sentinel-1 product.

You can convert it to a shapefile, e.g. with the gdal libraries:
ogr2ogr boundary.shp map-overlay.kml

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Many thanks for (a) introduction to gdal (excellent tools) and (b) saving me hours and hours of work fiddling around. Because SNAP reads the zip I never thought to unzip it to explore the contents. I was struggling with working out how to derive boundaries using the DIM.

Iā€™m happy to hear that!