How can I open L2A results reprocessed by sen2cor-2.5.5 in SNAP_4.0?

Hellow, all.
I had used sen2cor-2.5.5 software to preprocess S2B_MSIL1C product for atmospheric correction. And thr results referred to L2A were successful. However, when I opened the results with 10 m or 20 m resolution in SANP_4.0, an error came up that the file couldn’t be open. I don’t know how I should do for solving it.

Why do you still want to use SNAP 4? This is pretty old and the current version is SNAP 6.
In SNAP 4 you will not be able to open sen2cor results.

You said is righ. While I just used SNAP6 to open the results, it didn’t work yet.

Sir, I just have setuped SNAP, and used it to open the L2A product. However, an error came out as couldn’t reading file.

Could you be a bit more precise about the error. What is the error message saying? How are you trying to open the results? Which file do you select?

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Dear sir,

I always opened the file referred to B01.jp2 that saved in L2A_T50SME_A005492_20180326T025923 folder. Then an error came out what is said reading file failure. Now, I try to open the MTD_TL.xml file, and everything is ok. I don’t know why.

Sir, would you tell me where I could find the user’s manual about how to use SNAP?

When you have opened SNAP Desktop you find it in the menu.
It is located at Help / Help Contents
And in several windows you can click on a question mark and get directly to the help page.

Thank you. I do it right now according to your suggestion.

Dear sir,

When I open the MTD_TL.xml file, but there is nothing. And I always need to click the “reset windows” button, then the image has been displayed. Is it a problem?

I experienced the same problem. Probably it is related to the “Sentinel-2 Level-2A product evolution on 26 March 2018” announced in the “Copernicus Open Access Hub News” on 20-march-2018. SNAP 6.0 is previous to that format evolution so next SNAP version should solve this problem.