How can i remove thick clouds without any data loss beneath them?

i have the above imagey of an area in germany and i want to perform land cover classification on it and for that i want to remove the cloud cover from it. is it possible to remove thick clouds from such imageries without losing data?

No, this is not possible. You can’t look through it.
You can create composites from multiple scenes and then only cloud-free pixels are used.
This is possible with a tool like Sen2three.

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okay…so i want to perform flood classification and looking at the orbital period of S2 satellite, it’s hard to find a scene during a flooding event without intense clouds. what could be the alternative?

Hello Rehan,

Sentinel-1? If there’s flooding, there’s likely to be cloud around. So something that is not impacted by their presence is the best bet.



Jan Jackson
S2 MPC/CC Operations Manager

hello Jan,
i was trying to figure out to somehow use Sentinel-2 due to it’s better resoultion as compared to 1 as i want to find out the precise flood extent for an event … but i guess i’ll have to switch back to Sentinel-1. Thanks !

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