How can i save files and do radiometric correction

Hello i have 2 questions :slight_smile: 1 - how can i do radiometric correction on sentinel 2A imagery
2-how can i save files after processing in Geotiff format
I need help thank you very much :smile:

For radiometric correction we can use Sen2Cor :

You can save the output of your processings in GeoTIFF. In the β€˜Save as’ combobox, you can use GeoTIFF or GeoTIFF-BigTIFF.

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Thank you , please i need to get some sentinel data from the web site but i don’t have access to it ,what should i do (login failed error ) thank you for your help

Regarding your login issue, you should report it to the Copernicus Helpdesk at
I’m not sure if they will read it here.

I dont think the problem is due to my login password :disappointed: