How can I show region of interest on google earth

Hi everyone, my project is “Extracting urban and water features from satellite images using thresholding algorithm and displaying same area on Google Earth.”
I have extracted both features by thresholding algorithm using Python. Now I want to display it on Google Earth. Can somebody suggest me some ways?
I was thinking to do with Selenium. But, in that I am facing issue, how can i show region of interest. Because, urban area is region with pixel value 255 and water area is region with pixel value 0.
Please suggest me some way.
Thanks in advance!!

Following you could find a python script to create KMZ, However, in the following the issue is a bit different, because the following example is treated with photos and here in your case you’re handling with images, import the coordinates, are necessary,

Source :

with open('filename.csv') as csvfile:
    data = [(int(x), int(y)) for x, y in csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter= ',')]

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I’m still new python learner, But I hope it could help,