How can I work with Graph Processing Tool (GPT)?


I’m new in SNAP, sorry if this question is too basic. How can I work with gpt?? Is it an option of SNAP?? I cannot find it…
I want to do a batch with several images and have found in the forum I need to use gpt. I have the graph model but need to do the batch (I’m working with several images).

Any help will be much appreciated.


Did you try to load your graph in the batch processing tool of the GUI (Tools -> Batch processing). If so, load your graph, load your input images, set your output directory and press Run

Yes, I try with the GUI but only resample the first image.
It might be because I cannot change the name of the images (it automatically writes down MTDMSIL2a.xml) and in this way it only run the graph model of one of the images. If so, how can I change the file name??or add some of the other attributes (Type, acquissition, track…)

Thank you!


So, in order to not overwrite your products (SNAP v.5 - not sure if the procedure has/will change(d) in the final version of SNAP v.6)

  • First load your data. To update the matadata (name, type, track, etc.) press the refresh button.
  • Uncheck the ‘Keep product name’ option
  • Load your graph (in that order, the write operator of your graph will appear)

Now you can press run. Once it is finished you will see that your output directory contains as many outputs as inputs and each one has the input name of each product + the code of the operator (in this case _resample)

Thank you @MCG.

I now have the write operator but I can only name one of the target products. Is it okay?? Will I obtain one or two files??


Do not change anything (except you want to modify the format or directory) on the write operator. The name will be change automatically according to the input name for each iteration.

Set your resampling parameters and press Run.

Thank you @MCG, I’m running the batch now. I’ll let you know when it finishes.

you can add these information by clicking on these blue arrows