How Decompose Sentinel-1 SLC data

Hello, everyone. If I want to Decompose Sentinel-1 SLC data for getting H-Alpha Plane. What pre-processing should I do?
The other question is whether I can use (VH+VV) SLC data to get Freeman-Durden Decomposition result?

this was discussed already in several topics:

I have tried the same procedure as proposed
2.TOPS Split
4.TOPS Deburst
5.Matrix Generation
But in Matrix Generation I get the following error:
I skipped that matrix generation step but I also get some errors in Decomposition steep
Can you give me some advice?

If I Deburst directly after I import the SLC data, the following error occurs

Most decompositions require fully polarized SAR data (S1 is dual only). That probably caused the “input should be a polarimetric product” error.

And the Java Heap Space measage indicates that your computer ran out of memory. I think this is the correct order.

If you want to calibrate first , select “complex calibration” in the calibration module.


Decomposition of dual pol data is described in Raney, K.
Check ESA Polsarpro project, if they have implemented it.

The Stokes parameters and compact pol decompositions are coming in release 7 of SNAP. Since they work on a C2 matrix they could be applied to Sentinel-1 SLC but, does anyone know how effective it would be in separating different components in practice?


Thank you Sir,After my experiment, the correct order is Apply Orbit file>>Calibrate>>Tops Deburst>>H/A dual deccomposition.

@lveci Hi.could you find any answer for your question?it’s also my question. could I use sentinel-1 for compact polarimetry?

Good morning all
I want to know mister Iveci if you have an article which explains the relation between the matrix C2 and the parameters of Stokes

thank you in advance