How might I use the external DEMs in Sentinel-1 Toolbox?

Hello to everybody,

I am trying to use external DEMs (higher resolution respect to SRTM) in Sentinel-1 Toolbox but there is always an error message.

Suggestion? Recommendations?

Many thanks


I also encountered this problem in TOPSAR Coresgistration. I had tried to use .tiff and ENVI Standard format in WGS84 degree coordinate system, but both failed.
It’s error message showed “Back-Geocoding: java.lang.NullPointerException” and stopped right away.

in the mac version I cannot choose an external dem, the button for choosing the path doesn’t work and writing the path name into the box does not work either…Is there a way to fix this manually?

The null error could be coming from not being able to read the external file. The external dem has been updated to handle this better. External dem files should be in a format readable by the software which also has a geocoding - for example, a dem in GeoTIFF format.

In which version? SNAP 2.0 beta-05 (24.07.2015 18:00)?

Hi, I am using both the old Sentinel-toolbox and SNAP 2.0 beta-05 (24.07.2015 18:00), but nothing changed. I am trying to use the ASTER GDEM, the SRTM 1sec DEM, and an external DEM (from
Also the automatic download of the SRTM 1sec (using SNAP 2.0 beta-05) use to stop the process.

thanks a lot