How to access chl and turbidity after C2RCC processing?

Good evening, Mr. Marco,

I want to ask about a study for me about calculating chl-a concentrations and water turbidity using SNAP C2RCC tool.

after collecting samples from the site and downloading the Sentinel 2 image and making a resample and subset of the study area, in addition to use C2RCC tool, but how can the concentrations of CHL-a and Turbidity be found/calculated after C2RCC Process?
is by using band maths?
And If no what is the way if possible,

thank you

After processing with C2RCC you find several bands in the resulting product.
chl_a is provided in the band conc_chl.
By turbidity Iā€™m not sure what you mean. There is the conc_tsm, which provides the Total Suspended Matter.
But there is also the kd_z90max. This provides the depth of the water column from which 90% of the water leaving irradiance comes from. A value which describes how deep you can look into the water.

conc_chl and conc_tsm are dervide from the iop values. the exponent and the factor can be provided in the GUI of the C2RCC processor. They might need to be adapted to you region.
See this discussion:

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