How to best use the SNAP Configuration Optimizer?

Is there a set of instructions or advice that can walk us through how to best setup / configure the configuration optimiser. I have what I believe is a pretty beefy laptop (Dell Precision M6800 with fast i7 chip, 16GB of RAM with tons of drive space – and my SNAP and its plugins is up to date), but this is still quite slow for many Sentinel 1 processes and I’m wondering if the configuration optimiser has not been run correctly or has incorrect parameters set. Should I upgrade to 32GB of RAM or can someone point to a guide or tutorial on how to use this tool with best practice for optimal results? Thanks much.

Pressing “Compute” is computing optimum settings. You can as well change maximum memory manually (change of the -Xmx setting value).

Pressing the help button on the bottom right will open the Configuration Optimizer help page.