How to calculate LST between two dates?

Good morning,
I’m doing a master’s thesis project and I’m trying to download some data about the Earth’s temperature (LST) from “ESA Copernicus Open Access Hub”. The problem is: the temperature maps that come out show the single days and I need a file containing all the temperatures between two dates (eg with a .nc file).
My ultimate goal is to know what is the average temperature between the 23/05/2019 and the 16/10/2019 (example)

For problems like this CDO - from Project Management Service ( are often useful. For your problem you can use a CDO operator to add a time value to each file and then combine individual .nc files into a file with a time dimension. CDO includes statistical operators, but requires “flat” netcdf files (no groups). A current version is available for Windows users from Cygwin (64-bit) and for Windows users from macports. Linux users may need to build from source (debian unstable does have a current version, but that is for people hunting bugs before they get into a stable release).