How to calculate the subsidence using SBAS technique using GAMMA

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I am new to SAR technology. I am currently working on Subsidence analysis using GAMMA software. Can anyone help me what are the steps are required for calculate the subsidence (series of Images)?.

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This Forum is only concerned with SNAP software, please contact directly the GAMMA company,


The MintPy software package can be used for SBAS analysis of data processed with SNAP, GAMMA, ISCE, or other packages. It is Open Source and available from GitHub:

But still SNAP doesn’t support preparing data for SBAS technique!

According to @mengdahl With regarding to SBAS technique, “We will support interfacing with PyRate in the future so unfortunately the wait not over yet, but it will come! The current target is SNAP8.0 that should be released in ~6 months.”

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Thank you very much Eric.

If you want to do serious time-series InSAR analysis, you might want to consider switching to the Open Source ISCE software.

It is command-line only, though, unlike SNAP. The ISCE version 2 software includes a Sentinel-1 stack processor that is designed for time-series analysis and can be loaded directly into MintPy.