How to change the parameters in Metadata?

Hello everyone, I have imported my own SAR data to SNAP, but all the parameters such as PRF/orbits/resolution are not imported, when I open the Metadata file, the parameters seem can not edit which results in the Coregistration Error.

The metadata cannot be edited manually in SNAP. This is usually provided by the product and read by the product reader.
It seems that you need to write your own reader for your special format, or you can properly convert it somehow into a generic format like NetCDF.

One manual option is to save the product once opene in SNAP in the DIMAP format.
The *.dim file is in XML format. There you can manipulate the metadata.
Best would be using a product as template which has the metadata.

Are there reasons why we should not add such functionality? It would make tweaking “at your own risk” easier.

There is no real reason against it. Till now there was no request for this.
However, providing all the metadata manually can be quite tedious. And it is error prone if you don’t know the field names and hierarchy of the metadata which is expected.
This gets easier when the consolidated general abstracted metadata is in place. Then the target is clear, and the values can be filled.

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