How to convert SMOS L2 data from .dbl to a netCDF4-CF format

How to convert SMOS L2 data from .dbl to a netCDF4-CF format?I click the convert datatype,when I choose the source product,it tells me the .dbl file could not be read.Please help me solve this problem.Many thanks.

Convert Datatype converts only the datatype of single bands.
Try the following, choose File / Export / SMOS EE Files to NetCDF…

Hi @marpet ,

Would it be possible to install the necessary toolbox for this conversion in a docker container?

I mean, through an API that I have developed that is inside a docker container, I download the SMOS images. My goal is to be able to convert the hdr and dbl images to netcdf in order to process them.

What would be the steps? My code is Python. I understand that it will be possible to install the toolbox inside the container and that by using Python I will be able to execute the necessary instructions for the same procedures that are done through the UI.

Hi @jclemente

this should be possible.
I think the link I posted here can be helpful for you:

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