How to correct lost pixels and lines in SNAP lo

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no pixel value

sorry, but this is impossible to answer without more information on what data you are using and what processing you applied.

when downloading a sentinel 2 image and opening band 7, I found pixels with no reflectance value (Nan), my question is how to correct those pixels in SNAP.
Is there a tool to make that correction?

banding error correction

you can correct in SNAP the banding or loss of rows and columns of pixels. These zones can be assigned a mean value between the top / bottom or front / back line.

you can check if there is a valid pixel expression in the band properties. If you remove it, all pixels will be displayed.

But keep in mind that these pixels were masked for a reason, so you have to be careful when you analyze the results.

The image scenes of S2 are not always fully filled with data.
You will often see images like the following:

The empty no-data area varies in size. Do you mean this?
This cannot be filled. Applying a mean makes no sense.
If you see single pixels in the data which are set to no-data those could be filled with an image filter for example.
You find the filters in the menu at ‘Raster / Filtered Band’.