How to create a DEM from Sentinel-1 data in SNAP

Unser the link below I’ve uploaded a tutorial of interferometric workflow for extraction of digital elevation model from pair of Sentinel-1 SLC datasets.
DEM from Sentinel-1 in SNAP workflow


Great, thank you Przemysław!

You’re welcome. Best regards.

I like the way the demo is done and the music works even when speeded up :slight_smile: I was wondering about your choice of data since the long temporal baseline causes the vegetated area to be almost completely decorrelated. I wonder how good the result could be if you used a 6-day pair, which should be possible everywhere in Europe.

At this time I’m testing several parameters for better results because in tutorial almost all setting are default. My tests will include also short temporal baseline.

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@slesinskip Nice tutorial. I’d appreciate if there is a written version of it. It is more practical to have PDF than a movie.

No I haven’t written version. Maybe if I have more time I will try to make written version.
Best regards