How to create a mosaic of S3 LST products in SNAP


Is it possible to create a mosaic of SLT products(level2 of SLSTR data) in SNAP? I have tried with the available mosaicing operator via GUI but I get some error and it is not possible then. I have to say that my SNAP is the 5.0 , what about the 6.0 ? otherwise is there an alternative ?


Yes, this is possible. At least with SNAP 6. I just did it. What kind of error do you get?


I am going to reply soon, I had some busy days, but I really need your help on that :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi @marpet and @TonioF,
which conditions did you used in order to filter out pixels flagged as clouds in either one of the 2 images and therefore get a cloudless mosaic of the 2 data?
That would be a very useful tool,
Thanks a lot for the hint,


With the expression ‘cloud_in == 0’ you will filter out everything flagged as cloud.


Thanks, I will try…
in the case I mosaic 3 images with a cloudless overlapping area, how the final pixel value will be assigned? is there a possibility to tell the mosaicking algorithm to assign “Max value” or “Mean value” or other parameters?


For overlapping areas, the final pixel is a weighted average of pixels from the source images. There is no user option to change this.